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Create Space with Loft Beds

loft bedWhether you are a college student trying to create space for a desk in a small dorm room, or a family wanting to offer personal space to children sharing a bedroom, a loft bed can instantly free up square footage for your to use for something other than just sleeping.

In small spaces, the bed often takes up the largest amount of space, resulting in limited room for everything else. But you can free up that typically unused space with loft beds. Here are two places loft beds are beneficial.

Studio Apartment

In a studio apartment, there is no clearly designated room for sleeping, which can be problematic. Also, there is limited space for anything other than a bed. A loft bed frees up the space underneath for a desk, chest of drawers, or even a little reading nook or television viewing area.

Children’s Bedrooms

In many homes, children receive the smallest rooms. However, it is important that a child has space in his or he room to enjoy activities, which is possible thanks to space from a raised loft bed.

By using loft beds in your home, you can instantly create extra space which can be used for things like a desk, play area, closet, or storage space.

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