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Captain’s Beds for Girls

Captain’s beds are fantastic for adding storage space to your home. The drawers can hide away extra clothes, or faux drawers can be used to disguise a trundle bed. The greatest aspect of these beds is that they aren’t just for boys. There are several beds with drawers available that will look great in your daughter’s room as well.


These beds are available in twin sizes. However, twins are not the only beds featuring built-in drawers underneath to maximize storage space. You can also find full, queen and even king be that feature the extra drawers. They may go by a different name, but the concept is the same. You can enjoy extra storage without sacrificing any floor space. You can also choose bunk beds with rolling drawers under the lower bunk.


Most people think of dark wood tones when they picture these beds, but you do not have to choose dark shades to have extra storage. They are also available in bright white with a glossy finish. Available in wood tones ranging from light ash to deep cherry, you are sure to find the right color for your daughter’s room.

When it’s time for a change in your house, consider captain’s beds for their style and extra storage capabilities. The beds are attractive and available in a wide range of feminine styles. Whether your daughter wants a full or a traditional captain’s, you can find the right bed with extra drawers underneath for her.


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