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Feminine Poster Beds

Girl's Poster BedA poster bed is a delight for children and adults of all ages. While you may think of young girls when you picture a four-poster bed, they are also a great choice for grown women. Perfect for creating a canopy and an intimate atmosphere, a poster bed will make you feel elegant and feminine.

Sheer Drapes Add Interest to Poster Beds

String sheer drapes around the posters to create an intimate feel and a personal retreat. If the bed has a full frame around the posters, then you can even close the curtains off to create more privacy and a spa-like atmosphere. Change the fabric out to match the seasons or holidays, allowing you to decorate the bedroom with ease.

Poster Beds are Versatile

There is no limit to the styles you can enjoy with a poster bed. Choose delicate spindles for the posters, bright white pillars or bold pillars in a deep wood grain. These beds are also available in wrought iron, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your personal style.

If you want something different and feminine in the bedroom, take another look at a bed with rising posters on the corners. Feminine and inviting, a poster bed is a fantastic addition to any bedroom.

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