Canopy Beds Direct From the Source Add Romance to Rooms

Sleep in Style on a Canopy Bed

Whether you are single or married, a canopy bed can bring a touch of romance to your room. It's also a great way to add tranquility in comfort and style. DirectBuy has canopy beds at confidential dealer prices in various styles and designs from sleek contemporary looks to whimsical country French four-poster beds.

No matter which style you choose, make sure it's a unique reflection of your personal style. After all, your bedroom is a peaceful retreat from the outside world and choosing the right canopy bed for your bedroom will make a huge difference in how you sleep.

Canopy Beds Have a History of Luxury

Canopy beds have roots deep in royalty. In early European castles the Lord, his family and the servants slept in a single large room referred to as the great hall, but canopy beds, with their curtains, provided privacy for each sleeper.

Depending on the style of canopy bed you choose, you can have that same privacy as the royals but in modern day comfort. Today's canopy beds come in different bed frame sizes such as twin and queen, to suit your sleeping needs.

The Bed that Makes Your Daughter Feel Like a Princess, Guests Like Royalty

A canopy bed is also known as a four-poster bed and features a tall post at each corner. This style is most often seen in little girls' bedrooms that are designed with enchantment and fairy tales in mind. Whether your daughter is eight years old or eighteen, DirectBuy has age-appropriate canopy bed styles in all designs and colors.

And don't leave your guests out! They would probably feel more like a part of the family than guests in your home if you had a canopy bed in the guest room. A canopy bed provides more privacy and can put your guests at ease whether they are staying with you for one night or an extended stay.

Canopy Beds Combine Functionality and Style

Canopy beds were actually created for a useful purpose beyond just sleeping – they were designed to catch bugs and pests such as mosquitoes from disturbing the sleeper for a good night's sleep.

So while canopy beds look glamorous and romantic, they were actually designed for a more useful purpose. But you don't need bug problems to enjoy the affordable luxury of a canopy bed. With its sturdiness and style, canopy beds are sure to be a favorite choice in your home.


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